5/23/2015 Norine A. Rubinetti
Norine A. Rubinetti
Norine A. Rubinetti (DeVita) age 57 of Wayne passed Saturday, May 23, 2015.
5/20/2015 Richard Christie
Richard Christie
Richard Christie of Wayne passed away May 20, 2015 in Morristown, NJ.
5/16/2015 Donald Possien
Donald Possien
Donald C. Possien age 83 of Londonderry, New Hampshire, formerly of Pe
5/18/2015 Florence Ferrito
Florence Ferrito
Florence “Boot’s” Ferrito, age 93, of Wayne, died peacefully on Monday, May 18, 2015.
5/17/2015 Robert E. Conklin
Robert E. Conklin
Age 84 of Wayne died on Sunday, May 17, 2015. He had been a Wayne resident since 1962.
5/16/2015 Marie F. Suppa
Marie F. Suppa
Age 95 of Wayne, died peacefully on Saturday, May 16, 2015. She had been a Wayne resident since 1969.
5/15/2015 Theresa Turnyanszki
Theresa Turnyanszki
Age 88 of Wayne, died peacefully on Friday, May 15, 2015. She had been a Wayne resident since 1966.
5/11/2015 Ruth Maltman
Ruth Maltman
Ruth Helen Maltman, age 84, of Wayne, on Monday, May 11, 2015.
5/11/2015 Johng Hwang
Johng Hwang
Johng E. Hwang, age 80, of Wayne and formerly of Wanaque and Guttenberg, passed on Monday, May 11, 2015.
5/3/2015 Loretta P. Hartford
Loretta P. Hartford
Loretta P. Hartford, 87, died peacefully on May 3, 2015.
5/8/2015 Heinz Jauch
Heinz Jauch
Heinz Jauch, age 92 of Wayne, passed peacefully on Friday, May 8, 2015.
5/9/2015 Marguerite Lenas Merrell
Marguerite Lenas Merrell
Marguerite K. Lenas - Merrell, age 77, formerly of Wayne, passed Saturday, May 9, 2015.
5/8/2015 Carmella M Held
Carmella M Held

Carmella M. Held, age 94, a resident of Fair Lawn for over eighty-five years, passed peacefully on Friday, May 8, 2015.
Fair Lawn
5/7/2015 Dr. Priscilla G. Ilem
Dr. Priscilla G. Ilem
She has been a psychiatrist living in Wayne since 1983.
5/8/2015 Edward F Drag
Edward F Drag
Edward F. Drag age 91, of the Packanack Lake Section of Wayne, passed peacefully at home on Friday, May 8, 2015.
5/4/2015 Ruth Conlan
Ruth Conlan
Ruth Margaret Conlan (nee Shauger) age 99 of Wayne on Monday, May 4, 2015.
5/2/2015 James B. Luke
James B. Luke
James B. Luke, Sr. age 86, of Wayne and West Palm Beach, Florida passed on Saturday, May 2, 2015.
5/3/2015 Jesus Aviles
Jesus Aviles
Jesus Aviles, age 50, of Wayne and formerly of Paterson, passed peacefully on Sunday, May 3, 2015.
5/2/2015 Kenneth H. Froehner
Kenneth H. Froehner
U.S. Navy Air Corps veteran, Airship pilot
Wayne Pompton Plains
5/1/2015 Robert "Bob" Acker
Robert "Bob" Acker
A resident of Packanack Lake for fifty two years.
5/1/2015 Frances Dollbaum
Frances Dollbaum
Frances Tarnacki Dollbaum, age 80, of Wayne, passed away on Friday, May 1, 2015.
4/30/2015 Jayne D. Schneider
Jayne D. Schneider
Jayne Deborah Schneider age 89 of Pompton lakes passed away peacefully on Thursday April 30, 2015.
5/1/2015 Natalie "Lee" Patterson
Natalie "Lee" Patterson
Natalie “Lee” Patterson (nee Kosachook) age 88 of Wayne passed away peacefully on Friday, May 1, 2015
4/29/2015 Joan Verrone
Joan Verrone
Joan W. Verrone, age 69, of Wayne, passed on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

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